Green Pool’s clients span across the global sugar and biofuels industries and beyond. Many are involved in some of the world’s largest agricultural, food and sustainable fuels projects - powering economic growth and sustainable development worldwide.

Growers, traders, processors, consumers, government, investors, traders and hedge funds and other professionals worldwide benefit from Green Pool’s services.

Green Pool’s ability to provide bespoke strategic consultancy for sugar and bioenergy companies is well-regarded in the industry. We deliver a powerful combination of exceptional consulting finesse, expert level of industry experience and rigorous data modelling.

Our clients can rely on the industry experience and expertise of our consultants. Today, the company has a dedicated team of seven analysts, who are focused on sugar, biofuels and related markets.

We deliver expert proprietary research and analysis that draws upon our exceptional integrated research of supply, demand, trends, trade, price and costs, evident in our regular publications.  Along with our robust in-house data and models, we can objectively forecast and value with confidence, delivering our clients the insight they need to make informed strategic decisions.

We also understand our clients' businesses and regional issues and we can deliver creative, forward-thinking, and independent advice across the sugar and biofuels realms.

Partnering closely with our clients, we can enhance their understanding of increasingly volatile business environments and competitive landscapes, allowing them to turn complex challenges into profitable opportunities.

If you would like to talk to us, please just give us a call. We can set up an initial meeting to discuss your circumstances and see how we might assist you and your business.

For further information about our consultancy services, please contact us.