About Us

About Us

Green Pool Commodity Specialists is an independent and privately owned company based in Brisbane, Australia since 2012. Green Pool operates in two core areas of soft commodities and biofuels.

As a trusted source of forward-looking insight, our analyst team has extensive and in-depth experience in soft commodity and biofuels markets, blending climate and crop agronomy specialisation with broad market analysis. Our team of experts rigorously evaluate the data, ensuring an integrated perspective of our core markets.

The need for advice based on deep industry understanding is more vital than ever and our breadth and depth of reach means we are able to offer a truly global perspective; built upon leading market knowledge, timeliness of reporting and high independence standards.

What Sets Us Apart

We deliver expert commodity and biofuels market analysis that draws upon our exceptional integrated research of supply, demand, trends, trade, price and costs.

Along with our robust in-house data and models, we can objectively forecast and value with confidence, delivering clients the insight they need to make informed strategic decisions. Our team of analysts also partnered closely with our clients to address their business needs and challenges.

  • Vertical market information and analysis
  • Robust fundamental market data
  • Expert geospatial data and crop modelling
  • Forward-thinking demand and supply analysis
  • Rigorous trade flow analysis
  • In-depth research case studies
  • Integrated case study and advice


Staff Profiles

Our team comprises of high calibre individual contributors with years of experience in various fields, particularly in sugar and commodities industries.

Tom McNeill

Managing Director

Tom McNeill is the Managing Director of Green Pool Commodity Specialists, based in Brisbane Australia. Tom developed the company late in 2011 following an earlier career as Managing Director in Kingsman's Research Group from 2003-2011.

Tom is passionate about the sugar and biofuels segment, forging much of his career in the commodities sector. Spanning 20 years from 1982-2002, Tom fulfilled senior roles in grower relations, export marking, strategy and analysis at Qld Sugar Corporation, Qld Sugar Ltd and CSR Raw Sugar Marketing.

Building on the Green Pool team's agricultural, analytical and editorial expertise, Tom and the team continue to build a solid understanding of the factors influencing fast moving markets, so as to provide clients with views generated from within a consistent framework.

Tom is a frequent speaker at sugar and biofuel industry conferences and seminars, and is regularly quoted in major global commodity news.

Tom is qualified with a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from University of Illinois, USA and received Bachelors in Agriculture and Economics from University of Queensland, Australia.

Eder Vieito

Chief Executive Officer

Eder is Green Pool’s Chief Executive Officer. Eder’s early career saw him join Copersucar, one of the world’s leading sugar and ethanol producers and trading companies. Initially working in the Strategic Planning division, he later headed the company’s Market Intelligence department, responsible for global sugar and ethanol crop and market analysis.

In late 2015, Eder relocated to Brisbane, Australia to lead the Biofuels and Ethanol arm of Green Pool’s range of analysis, before taking up the CEO role in early 2024. Beyond the strategic, managerial, and administrative aspects of the role, Eder continues to contribute to Green Pool’s statistical research and analysis across sugar and ethanol. He also engages directly with regional and international market participants to monitor market developments, and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Eder holds a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and a postgraduate qualification from Fundação Dom Cabral, also in São Paulo.

Dr Trish Madsen

Senior Agronomist

Dr Trish Madsen is a seasoned executive with over 25 years working in agronomic positions. Dr Trish has been instrumental in placing a solid agronomic framework around Green Pool's crop growth forecasts.

Her knowledge of climate, weather influences and crop agronomy lays a solid platform from which to generate detailed views of agricultural crop outcomes. Visits to, and discussions with, her peers in related agricultural industries globally continue to build a knowledge of district level crop agronomy, for the benefit of Green Pool's clients.

From 2006-2011, Dr Trish was senior agronomist with Kingsman. Dr Trish has also worked at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) & University of the Queensland.

Dr Trish earned her PhD and Bachelor of Agricultural Science from University of Queensland.

Flavia Serra

Commercial Analyst/Administrator

Flavia Serra commenced work for Green Pool in early 2016, working across sugar and ethanol markets and administration. Flavia has a degree in Economics from Mackenzie University. She has worked previously for SCA (ethanol marketer in Sao Paulo), Copersucar (Brazil’s largest sugar and milling company). Flavia also worked as a Commercial Analyst for Biosev (Louis Dreyfus Commodities’ commercial unit in Brazil) for several years before moving to Australia.

Grace Johnson

Commodity Analyst

Grace is involved with Green Pool's sugar and ethanol market segments, with a particular focus on China. Grace brings a range of requisite skills to Green Pool where she delivers a wide range of statistical underpinnings for the ethanol markets, including annual balances, country balances, and trade flows.

Grace began her professional career as a trader in a stock brokerage house based in China. A native of Tianjin, China, Grace is well-versed in Mandarin and also understands Japanese. Grace holds a Masters in Science at University of Greenwich and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Tianjin University of Commerce. Grace is now pursuing her CFA qualifications.

Nick Montague

Commodity Analyst

Nick’s position as a Commodity Analyst sees him managing the data inflows into the company for the whole research team, as well as ensuring that derived company data is stored and displayed to best effect. He also identifies and resolves inefficiencies in data collation.

Additionally, his role has expanded into research in both sugar and ethanol markets, including analysis of trade flows and country balances.

Nick moved across the country to Brisbane in 2019, joining the Green Pool team as a graduate. He received his Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from Curtin University in Western Australia.

Melisa Alberti


Melisa joined Green Pool in 2023, bringing her passion for data analysis and her scientific agronomic criteria to our crop forecasts and agronomy reports.

Melisa has spent several years working as researcher and teacher in the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina. Melisa has also worked for multinational companies in research & development of various crops, such as corn, sunflower, sorghum, canola, soybean, wheat, and barley.

Melisa obtained her agricultural engineering degree from the Universidad Nacional del Noroeste in the province of Buenos Aires and her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the Universidad Nacional de San Martin.

Geraldine Gilmartin

Biofuels Analyst (UK)

Geraldine oversees the European Biofuels and Ethanol report offering, launched in Q4 2014; building on Green Pool's global biofuels reporting.

Geraldine has a significant career in the fuels and renewables sectors, after working at Kingsman from 2006-2010 as the Ethanol & ETBE Analyst. During her career, she served as Senior Editor & Pricing Reporter at the petrochemical intelligence reporting agency, ICIS, from 1995 to 2006.

Geraldine holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with French from University of Reading, UK. Geraldine is based in London, UK.

Deepinder Singh Basra

Market Analyst

Deepinder’s background is in agronomy of grains and sugar with Dreyfus in India, followed by market analysis in South Asia markets, and trading of sugar and ethanol. He then worked for two years for Mitr Phol’s Australian subsidiary, Maryborough Sugar Co. Deepinder is a recent addition to Green Pool’s team with responsibility for sugar and ethanol analysis in South Asia/Middle East/North Africa regions.

Philip Pia

Markets Reporter

Phil writes Green Pool’s daily sugar market report from New York. He has extensive commodities trading experience, having worked for Crystalsev, Copersucar, and several other smaller milling groups in Brazil, as well as doing proprietary trading for a US-based hedge fund, and desk brokerage for Societe Generale in New York.  Phil has degrees in economics from Fordham University and The Johns Hopkins University.

Global Representation

Agrilion, a US-based company specializing in commodity acquisition and risk management, represents Green Pool in North and South America and some European markets.

New York-based James Liddiard works to market Green Pool's range of services.

Our Clients

Growers, traders, processors, consumers, government, investors, traders and hedge funds and other professionals across the globe benefit from Green Pool’s services.

Our clients use our research and consulting services to:

  • Increase market understanding
  • Reduce risks
  • Value and identify opportunities
  • Evaluate competitors
  • Implement and strengthen strategy
  • Anticipate and develop new business 


Market Engagement

Green Pool regularly engages with world-class clients, market participants, industry organizations and regulators through market conferences, forums, and one-on-one meetings. In addition, Green regularly attends and speaks at high-profile industry events globally.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Green Pool is an equal opportunity employer and our staff includes people of varying nationalities and multicultural backgrounds, ages and genders.